Welcome to loveYOURlabor!

CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR PREGNANCY! What an extraordinary journey you are about to embark on.. I would love to be your birth doula!

I am.. Ann Marie Pusterla... a Doula's of North America (DONA) trained Doula., a member of the National Association of Professional Women VIP Circle (NAPW), and a member of the International Childbirth Education Association (ICEA) with whom I am working on my childbirth education certification. 

With me as your doula.. YOU will be able to approach childbirth feeling informed, empowered, and supported. My role as your doula will be guided by YOU and YOUR wishes. I will provide YOUR "birth partner" with tools to provide helpful, supportive care for YOU throughout YOUR labor. I will reassure YOU, comfort YOU, and encourage YOU and I will help YOU to focus on YOUR most important job – delivering a healthy, happy baby!

My philosophy.. on birth is simple…it is YOUR birth… I will support YOU in the birth that YOU want. I will encourage YOU when it's difficult, guide YOU throughout YOUR entire journey, and cheer for YOU at the end. My approach is for YOU to loveYOURlabor!

My commitment.. I am committed to helping my clients achieve a wonderful birth experience. I am here to support you through whatever birth plan you choose; natural birth, medicated birth or planned or unplanned cesarean section.      

                                 Together we will create an unforgettable birth experience!