I'm pregnant..where do I begin?? Decisions, decisions, decisions...

Waiting, anticipating that moment that you get a PLUS sign on your drugstore pregnancy test!  OMG..there it is.. glaringly dark purple.. the moment you were waiting for.. it's positive!!  You are officially preggers!!

The excitement is beyond your ability to control.. you want to share this incredible miracle with everyone.. but, wait...the thought comes to you.. do I call my doctor first? What doctor? Where will I deliver? Home? Hospital? Birth Center? (there are none in NJ) Should my mother or sister be in the room? When was my last period? When is the baby due? What's an epidural?  Better yet.. What the heck is all of the talk about a Doula?  Do I need one of those too? Where do I get one of those?

Well, look no further.. I can handle the doula part.. I am ready to support you, empower you, encourage and educate you and your partner!  So, put a check next to that on your list! Check out my website to see how I can help you..

Now that you have discovered you're pregnant, you will need to make choices that effect your entire childbearing experience! You will select the kind of maternity care that you want, you need to decide how you will communicate your choices to your caregiver. These choices will affect you, your baby, and your family, so it is important to play an important role in the decision making process. Don't be shy...this is your birth, your baby, and no one can represent you, better than you!

To better help you make decisions, I recommend that you read the 4th Edition Pregnancy, Childbirth and the Newborn - The Complete Guide

I am confident that you will find this book to be helpful during and after birth!

Congratulations on your pregnancy... don't listen to others.. make your own informed decisions.. what's good for one isn't always good for another! Make your baby's birth YOUR STORY!

In anticipation of your birth,

Ann Marie