Waiting ...Anticipating...love..YOUR...labor..

I find myself...waiting... anticipating.. for the day one of my momma's goes into labor.  What an extraordinary experience to be a part of.  So very different from my own labor experiences.. 3 pregnancies...3 labors... each one different.

I packed my "doula bag" with some tools of the trade.. I'm ready to "serve" my moms and their partners and make this incredible, extraordinary experience something memorable and special.

I plan to take away your fears and empower you with knowledge. Knowledge is power; therefore, I plan to use it! Labor pain is normal and your body was made to give birth. I will remind you that it's normal, support you continuously, and encourage you and cheer you on! Let's do this together..we are a team.. your birth is going to be amazing!  I am going to help you loveYOURlabor!