I sign each of my correspondence that I send to my moms and dads.."In anticipation of your birth" ... I truly am anticipating that day.. the day that you end your pregnancy journey and begin a  new lifetime journey.. WOW... am I really lucky enough to be a part of it?  YOU BET I AM... BECAUSE I AM YOUR DOULA!! 

Well, the day came early for baby to arrive... ready or not here I come!  At 36 weeks and 5 days baby "Z" decided she wanted to join mom and dad on the outside.  You just never know how labor is going to go... this was a quick one..first time mom too.. less than 8 hours from start to finish! 

The birth ball was definitely the "tool of choice" ... it worked wonders for momma.. especially during active labor and transition.  It was what gave her the most comfort.  Dad was amazing with emotional support with his encouraging words, admiration in his eyes, and sheer love for his wife.. he supported her physically by sitting in a chair behind her, arms underneath hers holding her up and allowing her to rest on him between contractions.

I, the Doula, rode each wave of each contraction with her as if it were my own.  We made eye contact and never looked away, held hands as she squeezed mine tightly and  we breathed rhythmically through each one. 

Fully dilated, and time to push.. this is what we have all been waiting for.. is it a boy or a girl??  OMG.. the excitement of it all.. not to mention the surprise that momma is ready to push and she hasn't even been admitted into the hospital yet.. oh well, get a room ready in L&D "stat" because baby is ready to meet mommy and daddy!

What a wonderful experience.. I'm so glad I was "chosen" to be your Doula..I loved the surprise of not knowing the gender until SHE was born.. and watching the surprise in your eyes as the doctor shouted "it's a GIRL"!

As the day ended, another birth attended, another lesson learned. I thank you for that! Each lesson learned, each birth attended can only make me a better Doula!

"there is power that comes to women when they give birth. They don't ask for it; it invades them. Accumulates like clouds on the horizon..and passes through.. carrying the child with it."~Unknown