Nature takes its own course..

I simply find pregnancy, labor, childbirth totally amazing!  Did you realize that you could lose your mucus plug weeks, days or hours before you actually begin labor??  Or, how about this one.. be dilated 2, 3, 4, centimeters.. and not even know it?  Not one contraction.. wow.. how great is that?  Whoever said.. "no pain, no gain"  Ha! Not when it comes to a woman having a baby.. I know these amazing women who are waiting for their little ones to arrive.. they're already at 3 centimeters and haven't had more than a few Braxton Hicks contractions! That is reason to cause other expectant moms to be jealous.. I know it makes me jealous!  I felt every centimeter I dilated! lol

So, mommas.. sit back.. relax.. enjoy your last weeks, days, hours, with your partner, your children and family..let nature take its course.. when the time comes.. your little one(s) will be here!  Ready or not .. here I (we) come!!

Enjoy today, tomorrow and forever...

In anticipation of your birth,

Ann Marie