"The role of the birth doula is to provide emotional support to the laboring woman and her partner, so the laboring woman is more likely to achieve the birth she desires."

Hiring a doula is like hiring someone who is at your birth just for you!

Having a doula present during labor will give you confidence and take the pressure off of your partner. Your partner should be able to relax and enjoy the extraordinary experience that he is about to be a part of. Your doula will teach him some "tools of the trade" techniques to keep you comfortable as you progress through labor. One mom stated "the birth ball made the difference for me as I went through transition... I couldn't imagine going through labor without it or my doula."

Having a "connection" with your doula is important.. if you don't feel a connection.. interview another.. you will know when you meet the right one.. this is your birth.. make it the best it can be.. surrounded with a phenomenal birth team that you selected.

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