“ Ann Marie is an amazing Doula!”

” I would highly recommend her to anyone who is interested in hiring a Doula. She is top-notch!”

”She made such a difference in our birth experience with our two children”

"I cannot possibly praise Ann Marie Pusterla enough.  My husband and I are first time parents and she helped make our first born baby's birth a beautiful and empowering experience.  She has a calming presence and is super knowledgeable about women's bodies and birthing.  She is incredibly intuitive and attentive.   I will forever be grateful for everything she did during our labor.  Ann Marie will be the first call I make when we are expecting baby #2." ~Lauren and Ryan

"Ann Marie is awesome!  I gave birth to my son in September of 2015 and I had her with my husband and I during our birth.  Without her, I honestly would not have been able to achieve my goal of having a natural birth.  She was pivotal in getting me through the experience and knew what I needed before I even realized what I needed. Also, she had great advice after the birth that I would not have taken into consideration if she didn't say something.  My experience with her was such a positive one and I'm so glad to have had her by my side.  I would absolutely have her with again if I had another child, and highly recommend her to anyone."~Erica and Bailey

" I would definitely recommend Ann Marie Pusterla..."

Our process for finding a doula started with an online search, followed by an e-mail blast, which resulted in-person interviews at our house. We also went to a hospital event that was equivalent to speed dating for meeting doulas. We found 7 doulas that fit into our time, location and budget.

Out of all the doulas we spoke with one stood out to us; she was Ann Marie. Some other doulas had imposing views. For example, one told us that the hospital that we choose was no good. Ann Marie, on the other hand, was not judgmental and listened to what we wanted; she was personable and understood what we wanted. Some other doulas seemed to have other priorities. For example, one told us that if the labor went over a certain time, she would charge us more. Ann Marie, on the other hand, was willing to go beyond what most doulas were willing to do; she talked about resting on the couch if the labor went over night.

We were more than satisfied with her help during labor. My wife’s water broke one morning, and we then drove to the hospital. At first, it was just my wife and I in the room, we didn’t know what to do (the nurse was saying she would need to use Pitocin, and we didn't want that.) We called Ann Marie and she showed up in the hospital with her birthing ball and other things that we talked about bringing during our prenatal visit. My wife sat on the ball and Ann Marie told me (the husband) how to hold her, and she got my wife into the right mind state. Ann Marie was very cooperative with the hospital staff. Some of the hospital staff and our OB, told us about experiences with doulas that left a “bad taste in their mouth.” Ann Marie was good at working with the staff, our OB spoke kindly of her; she was pleasantly surprised with Ann Marie’s reciprocity. Our Birth experience went exactly the way we wanted, and that could not have happened without Ann Marie" ~ Elaine and Mike

"Ann Marie was a life saver for me during my labor with my son.  She was very calm and soothing during a very stressful time for me.  When I thought I was in labor, I called Ann Marie to come over.  She was at my house very quickly and assessed the situation and informed me that we needed to go to the hospital because she could tell I was progressing in my labor quickly.

She got me in the shower to ease my back labor, blew dry my hair and helped me dress!  She even called my husband to tell him I was in labor since I could barely talk.  She rode in the car with us to the hospital all the while timing my contractions, helping me breathe and doing whatever she could to keep me calm.

When we arrived at the hospital, I was already 8 centimeters dilated and had no time for an epidural.  She spoke to the nurses on staff and told them what they needed to know about the stage of my labor and what I had gone through so far. She was a crucial part in helping me stay focused, rubbing my back and doing all the counting.  My son arrived an hour and a half after we arrived at the hospital.  I honestly feel if Ann Marie hadn't come over, I would've had my son at home because I was in denial that I was actually in labor.

As I said above, Ann Marie was a life saver!  I would highly recommend her to anyone who is interested in hiring a Doula. She is top-notch!" ~ Laurie and John

"Ann Marie is not only my sister in-law but our amazing Doula! She made such a difference in our birth experience with our two children. She is a wonderful person who has such a passion for what she does. My husband Mike and I found her to be supportive and full of resources whenever we asked. She knew exactly what to do and how to help us navigate each phase, including prenatal, nursing and postpartum. We were lucky to have Ann Marie with us in 2007 and 2014. Her overall knowledge of childbirth is what made us comfortable and relaxed through both of our births.

With our 1st daughter I went into labor 2 weeks early on a Saturday night. As first time parents to-be, we were excited for the journey to begin. I called Ann Marie, who was having a party at home for her son and husband. She asked a few questions, told me to call my doctor, and met me at the hospital very quick. I was very nervous since I didn't know if I was really in labor. She told me not to worry and helped me stay calm. I wasn't admitted until 5 hours after arriving and would then be in labor for another 15 hours. Ann Marie never left my side and made sure I was comfortable by providing us with different positions and comfort measures. She was our strength when we needed it!

For our 2nd daughter, our birthing experience was much different since it was planned. I was induced early in the morning a week before my due date due to being hypertensive. Ann Marie was waiting for us on the Labor/Delivery floor at Chilton on that Friday morning. Labor and delivery took about 10 hours this time around due to the Pitocin. Again, Ann Marie never left my side. Again, she provided us with comfort measures such as massage, a birth ball, a peanut ball after my epidural and continually encouraged me to try different positions to help my labor progress.

Thank you Ann Marie for being a part of our birth, you will always be included in our story." ~Heather and Mike

"Ann Marie is an amazing Doula!!! She helped me during my first pregnancy and during the birth of my handsome boy Tyler; who is now four years old and growing happy and healthy.

"Her coaching in the delivery room was a gift from heaven.  Every time a contraction was coming she knew exactly what to do and what to say to make me feel comfortable. I will never forget her peaceful voice always telling me that everything was going to be ok and that I was doing great. She constantly gave me support and the strength that I needed to bring my boy to life. She definitely made the birth of my son a great experience! I recommend her without reservation to anyone looking for a loving and knowledgeable Doula. I'm forever grateful.. she is now part of my family!" ~ Diana and Alex